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If you have not been here before, you will notice that the site has changed. Since starting this site, I struggled to find the time to work on it – especially the theme. So, what is up with the coffee?

I am a computer technician for a public school, and I drink a lot of coffee during my days. Technology is full of chaos and requires cups of coffee to keep me on my toes. However, I have noticed a pattern in my work life. Technology is endless chaos, and coffee is my savior. Since I spend most of my days and time working, it only makes sense to decorate the site based on my lifestyle – chaos, and coffee.

What Kind of Coffee?

I love Hawaiian coffee, and I like it black. There is no need for artificial flavoring, added sugar, or milk. Black coffee keeps me running on my toes. I never get coffee from a coffee shop. If I do, it is scarce.

What was the theme before?

If you are new here, just to kill your curiosity, the previous theme was Hawaiian-tropical. I chose it because I am passionate and love visiting Hawaii. Unfortunately, I live in Montana, a state of mountains and bitter cold 70% of the year. It just makes more sense to use a theme that fits my daily regular lifestyle.

I Have Nothing Against Tea!

I only drink tea at night and during the fall, winter, and spring. I never drink tea in the summer. I only put honey in my tea to sweeten it up.

Are you a coffee drinker like me? Are you codependent on it? Is your life full of chaos? You are in the right place.

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