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Hawaii – You had me at Hello when I first stepped into the sand with the fine grains caressing my feet. Someday we will meet again, soon.


Once upon a time, in the quirky town of Quirksville, a remarkable woman named Chaosity burst onto the scene. Chaosity was the epitome of unpredictability, a walking tornado of fun, tech wizardry, and the bewildering adventures of menopause. Join us as we navigate the whirlwind life of this extraordinary lady!

Chapter 1: Motherhood Mastermind Chaosity started her adventure as a rookie mom and quickly evolved into a full-fledged motherhood mastermind. Her two adult children, who had somehow survived her relentless baby-proofing and legendary bedtime stories, now revered her as their chaotic hero. Little did they know, it was all part of Chaosity’s ingenious plan to keep life exciting.

Chapter 2: The Zookeeper of Quirksville Chaosity’s home was nothing short of a lively zoo. With two cats, Soskei, aka Sweetheart, and Yurio, aka Buddy, and two dogs, Mocha and Lord Uhtred, her daily life was a mix of chasing furballs and refereeing impromptu pet wrestling matches. There was never a dull moment, but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Chapter 3: Degrees Galore Chaosity wasn’t just chaos incarnate; she was a highly educated whirlwind. With four college degrees to her name, she was a walking encyclopedia. Her impressive qualifications included Associate degrees in Computer Programming and Administration, Help Desk and Networking, a Bachelor’s in Business Information Technology, and a Master’s in Education. You could say she had a degree in degrees.

Chapter 4: The Tech Sorceress By day, Chaosity was a computer technician at the local public school. She possessed an uncanny ability to coax recalcitrant computers back to life. Word on the street was that she could repair a motherboard with a paperclip and duct tape. Her trusty toolkit included a wand (or rather, a screwdriver) and a cape (metaphorical, of course) that billowed dramatically in the server room.

Chapter 5: Evening Extravaganza As if a full-time job and four degrees weren’t enough, Chaosity moonlighted as a Community Education superstar. In the evenings, she’d teach an array of adult classes that spanned the tech universe. Sign language, computer basics, web design, cloud applications, and the mystical art of Apple device wizardry were her specialties. Her students were always amazed at how she’d incorporate clogging steps into her tech classes, making coding seem like a dance party.

Chapter 6: Clogging Chaos Chaosity didn’t stop there; she was also a clogging instructor, dazzling her students with her fancy footwork and spirited choreography. Rumor had it that her signature move was the “USB Shuffle,” where students tapped their way to data transfer glory.

Chapter 7: Menopause Mischief And then there was menopause. Chaosity didn’t let it sneak up on her quietly. She embraced the hot flashes, cold sweats, and mood swings with such enthusiasm that her menopause became a town legend. She’d enter a room and exclaim, “Is it getting hot in here, or is it just my dancing feet?” Everyone adored her for it.

Chapter 8: Hawaiian Dreams Amidst the chaos, Chaosity had a dream – to retire in Hawaii on the Big Island. She’d regale her friends with tales of luaus and snorkeling, all while practicing her hula dance. With her relentless spirit, there was no doubt she’d make it happen one day.

Chapter 9: The Cochlear Crusader Don’t forget, Chaosity was a superhero with a cochlear implant. She turned her hearing loss into a superpower, making every conversation an adventure. Her friends admired her “selective hearing” and envied her fashionable collection of colorful ear accessories.

Chaosity was a whirlwind of fun, technology, and life. Her journey was a testament to embracing chaos with laughter, and living life to the fullest. With her Hawaiian dream on the horizon, who knows what wild adventures lay ahead for our Chaosity?

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