Happy Halloween


Oct 31 2024


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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!

In a haunted house, on Halloween night, Where ghouls and ghosts gave quite a fright, I met a vampire with a toothy grin, And a witch with a cauldron full of sin.

They danced around a bubbling brew, And whispered spells, both old and new. The werewolf howled at the glowing moon, While zombies groaned a creepy tune.

A mummy wrapped in toilet paper, Said, “I’m feeling like a party draper!” Frankenstein’s monster brought the beat, As he danced with his bolted feet.

Skeletons clattered, rattling bones, Playing xylophones of tombstone tones. A black cat hissed and arched its back, While a spider hung from a dusty stack.

With a cackle, the witch cast a spell, Turning candy into a caramel smell. The pumpkin grinned with a toothy smile, As the party went on for a mile.

So on Halloween night, it’s quite clear, Monsters know how to spread some cheer. With laughter, costumes, and candy in hand, Halloween’s a spooky, delightful wonderland!

Cats, bats, and owl in the purple moonlight

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