Chaos Never Dies - That's Crazy


Nov 09 2024


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Chaos Never Dies Day

Chaos Never Dies - That's Crazy

Chaos Never Dies Day, oh what a hoot, A day to celebrate the wild and the cute. When life gets crazy, just let it flow, And embrace the madness, go with the flow.

Unruly schedules and cluttered drawers, Tangled headphones, and endless chores. Chaos is our constant, that’s no lie, So why not let out a joyful cry?

Lose the keys, miss the train, Chaos in life can be pretty painful. But it’s also the spice that adds some zest, A rollercoaster ride, a chaotic fest.

Embrace the mess and the wild ride; laugh at the chaos that’s always beside you. In this crazy world, let’s all unite, Chaos Never Dies, but that’s quite alright!

So dance in the madness and let it unwind; Chaos and fun are intertwined. Celebrate the day with a cheer; Chaos Never Dies, so let’s spread the cheer!

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