3 weeks ago
Autumn is getting Maui’s June 9th!!
Here I come Hawaii! 🌺🌴🍹🐠
2 months ago
Happy Valentine's Day

The one thing I like about Valentine's Day is the candy. Other than that, I think it is wasted money. The older I get, the value of Valentine's Day decreases.
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3 months ago
Happy Groundhog Day

Will it be an extra month of winter, or is spring on the way? What will the groundhog say?

I don't think it matters in my state, considering it always snows until summer arrives. However, sometimes we skip spring.
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4 months ago
Another Year Gone

I stated in a previous post that 2020 was not all bad. I had a few good things. Now it is time to look forward to a new year. What will happen? Who knows. Here is my bucket list for the new year.
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4 months ago
The Good

So this is the last day to reflect on the year 2020. The good news is we all shared the craziness of surviving the mask and COVID era. Although it is far from over and will spill into 2021, we will not be alone in the new year's struggles.
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