Welcome to the Chaos Community

We are delighted you have decided to join our community. This page is designed to help guide you through the website.

Tip One: Get familiar with the Buddy Panel

The Buddy Panel stays up (on desktop) throughout the website. It helps you quickly navigate to all the site features. Mobile users have access to the Buddy Panel using the mobile navigation menu. Learn more about the Buddy Panel here: https://50shadesofchaos.com/community/chaos-navigation/

Tip Two: Get Familiar with the Groups

You can access the groups going to the Home Page, clicking on Groups in the top navigation and Buddy Panel. Learn more about our groups and forums here:

Tip Three: Understand your Account Settings

You can adjust your account and profile settings. Settings include your profile information, privacy, and notifications via email. Learn more about Account Settings here.

Tip Four: Forums and Replies

We have a lot of really awesome options in the forums. We are still working on improving the user experience. Learn how to add images, videos, and emojis. You can also add your own signature tag! Learn more here:

Tip Five: The Help Desk

Get familiar with our help desk to guide you through the site. If you have questions visit the help desk. If you need to reach out to me then visit the forum SOS Help Desk. Visit our Help Desk here:

Our Advice

Don’t try to take it all in at once! There is a lot inside this community. We have games, challenges, and a shop you can buy sig tags and other fun things using your coins. Points are earned by posting, replying, and being active in the community.

Mints and the Shoppe

Members can earn credits online such as points and coins through our community. You earn points by being active in the groups. Points are offered based on your participation such as posting, replying, liking, and other activities. Each group has a leadership board to show how many points members have.

You can use these mints and buy sig tags and other online (virtual goods). More items will be added to the shoppe over time. Visit the shoppe https://50shadesofchaos.com/community/50-shades-of-chaos-store/

Bookmark the Chaos Guide 101 https://50shadesofchaos.com/community/category/chaos-guide-101/

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