Uploading Images

Uploading Images

We have several options when it comes to visual communication on the forums.

Images and Photos

Option one is to use the Camera icon in your reply box and upload an image.

You can choose to use HTML and insert an image. If the HTML still shows up in the reply click on the Three Dots – Edit – Post.


You can use the GIF option to add an animated GIFY


Use the Emoji to add image graphics using the Emoji option on the reply box or add them using your phone Default Emojis.

Images Do Not Upload

Please note that you must wait for the image to complete. You will know when the image is uploaded and ready when the loading bar disappears and you see a Green Check Mark or the Red X delete the image before Posting.


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    1. I was not able to copy and paste but I was able to drag on a desktop from folder to the image selection when you click on add image.


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