Step it Up Forum Participation

Here is a little group handbook to help you get started with your participation in the Step it Up forum.

Getting Help or How to Do

Track your Steps

You can use an app on your phone or other digital devices to track your steps. The most commonly used for our members is the Fitbit devices.

Daily or Weekly Posting

Visit the forum daily or weekly (whichever you prefer) and record your numbers under the correct week or date.

Pay Attention to the Deadline

Once the deadline has passed I lock the thread which means I have already recorded all member step counts into the Google Excel spreadsheet.

Quote/Reply your Numbers Under the Correct Date

To quote/reply directly under the date, click on the three DOTS on the right side. Click reply from the drop-down and record your number of steps.

Optional (Full Week Record)

You may create a “New” reply and list all of your steps in a single reply. I am good with that. Some people prefer daily and others prefer a full week. You are also allowed to create a “New” reply and post a snapshot of your numbers.

Begins Sunday and Ends Saturday

Each thread starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday. I typically allow 7 days for people to update their steps once the weekends. I will post deadline dates with the thread title so people know when to get their steps in.


If you made a mistake in your number, just quote the date and let me know that you posted the wrong number and to ignore previous data with the new data. You can also request for me to delete your reply/quote.

The Challenge

We tally up the numbers weekly, monthly, seasonally, and yearly.

We announce the top three members with the most steps accumulated.

Monthly winners earn walking badges based on their placement.

Yearly winners earn overall badges based on their placement.

Seasonal winners are offered personalized sig tags and announced in our winner blog section.

Learn more about Awards and Badges for the Walking Group Here.

View all of our Winners Here

Group and Forum Email Settings and Notifications

Group Email Setting

You can adjust your email notification settings by clicking on “Email Options” then select which preference you prefer. I like getting a weekly summary. When you select weekly or daily you will get ONE single email of all group summaries all at once. This is pretty cool. So I do recommend you set all your groups to the same setting.

Email Notification Button

If you click the email notification button it will set your notification to get an email for every forum activity (new thread, replies, and so forth). This subscribes you to the forum.

Simply unsubscribe if you do not want to get notifications for the forum activities.

You can also Subscribe to specific threads. When you click on the discussion click on “Email Notifications” to get notifications for that specific thread or discussion. You can always unsubscribe when you no longer want notifications.

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