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I had a few minutes to sit down after a wild couple of weeks – or months. In February when the epidemic struck China I was nervous and scared about the unknown virus. I was preparing for my cochlear implant surgery trying to get ahead with homework, getting things done around the house, and keeping up with my online duties. Of course, things never quite happen the way we planned.

My worries were legit because if I got sick the surgery would be postponed. I just wanted to get it done. I was already struggling with fear that something could go wrong with the surgery. Overall, I decided to just focus on limiting my public exposure and keeping people from entering my house. Unfortunately, I did eventually get sick with a sore throat and flu a little over a week before my surgery. I was very frustrated and it added even more struggles trying to get things done.

On March 4th I drove to Missoula for my surgery. I was not 100% recovered from my cold; however, I was well enough. The drive was long and dreadful and my anxiety was high. At this time I was not thinking about the spread of the virus. I was aware that it was starting to become a global concern. I suppose when you are in my situation you can only focus on one thing at a time. On March 5th I went to the hospital for outpatient cochlear implant surgery. I was in for about five hours then released back to the hotel. The pain was horrible and the dizziness that came with the surgery made things even worse. I spent most of my time resting and laying low. I sent my husband out to fetch Anti-Bacterial soap and rubbing alcohol so he could change my bandage. Guess what? He couldn’t find any. People were out hoarding supplies like crazy. We decided to just leave the bandage on and wait until we got home.

The next day we drove back home. Another long trip, I am miserable, in pain, and downing my meds to control my nausea. I think I slept 90% of the drive back. I had a horrible time getting comfortable. When we got home the news and the whole coronavirus exploded. Again I sent my husband out to fetch supplies praying he did not bring the virus home. He was able to get rubbing alcohol and cheap medical gloves. I figured that will do we will just have to rinse our hands with rubbing alcohol.

I spent my entire recovery watching the news explode. Then I started to become concerned with my daughter bringing the virus home being in school. They finally canceled school which put me a little bit at ease. I was doing better pain wise but the nausea was still getting to me. I could only stand for a few minutes before I started feeling seasick. The whole epidemic was not helping and I cannot imagine having that virus with my recovery. I was already uncomfortable as it was. I do know the fever that comes with the virus could have put me at risk. Afterall, the procedure included a three-four inch incision behind my ear.

After school got canceled the state started shutting down other facilities and businesses. I of course had to go see my primary on my recovery to be sure the incision was healing properly one week after my surgery. I admit I was a bit nervous about leaving the house. I prayed for the best and headed out. The incision was healing nicely and the doctor was kind enough to give me more nausea pills. I did break down and cry in front of him. I was so overwhelmed with what was going on around the world, fearing the virus during my recovery, frustrated about the hoarding, worried that I was getting behind in school, and unable to do much. I couldn’t even clean my own house. He did feel bad. I saw him again today told him I think the timing was bad and I was just overwhelmed.

Last week my oldest daughter texted me telling me that one of her co-workers tested positive for the virus. Of course there is a shortage in medical supplies for the staff. She and all the other radiologist have been forced to wear the same mask for weekly. There was no surprise she too probably got the virus and was sick for 7 days. I checked in with her yesterday she is still having some breathing issue but the fever has been gone for a few days.

Luckily we have not experienced anything to intensive. However, my youngest daughter did come down with something with minor fever, sore throat, and difficulty breathing. I started disinfecting three times a day she kept to herself for the most part except to do school work. She did make a recovery progress after five days. Husband soon came down with a fever and sore throat as well. Hard to say for sure what they had. I did get a sore throat and minor breathing issue for a few days last week. It has been exhausting trying to keep everything wiped down.

Overall, the best way to get through this time is to not let fear drive us. Although none of us want to get sick or hit with the virus the best we can do is keep things wiped down, wash our hands, and stay home. Of course we are cruel sending my poor husband out to battle the world when we need more supplies from the grocery store. For while he kept buying a few things here and there. I finally got through to him to buy more if he can like two things of milk so forth instead of dinner for two days. Men…

I hope you are doing well if you took the time to read this post. Remember, this won’t last forever. I think the best prayer we can have right now is to pray for those that continue to work and risk their lives and that if they get exposed they make a full recovery, like my oldest daughter. I am sure she will have to return to work soon as the staff is short with everyone being sick and exposed. We should also pray they find the right treatment and perhaps vaccine to minimize the intensity of this virus. A cure would be nice, but anything is better than nothing.

As for being locked in at home, it hasn’t been too bad. I don’t know about you but I would rather be home than out there risking it. I have been blessed to be able to work from home. Remember, you can still go for walks and get some fresh air on your back patio or porch. Hang in there!


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