Site and Group Transfer

Hello and welcome to 50 Shades of Chaos. You are seeing this page because Mom’s Tiki Community will be discontinued as of January 2020. If you are looking for groups such as Moms with Adult Kids and Time Out for You, we have moved to a new software and community site.

Reason for the Move

The system used to run Mom Tiki Hut was discontinued in November of 2019 by the software creator. This means the software will no longer be supported and offered updates. Updates are important for several reasons. 1. Updates fix problems with the software.
2. Updates provide security patches.
3. Support services for active software services (no longer provided).

Those three reasons hinder the safety of our users and the software poses a threat that can become a target to hackers. We decided it would be in the best interest of our members and the site to move to a system that has been around for many years and offers support, updates, and security updates.

We are Still Here

We are still here on the internet! Better yet, most of our users have enjoyed the new community site with better use through desktop and mobile users. We hope someday to implement a mobile app for the website. The new community offers years of growth and security. We hope you will join us and remain part of our community.

Please note that Chaos groups are open to the public. This means you can reply to threads without registering for membership as long as it does not become a problem with spammers. Once that becomes a problem that feature will be discontinued.

Member-owned groups most are private. This means you must register to visit, view, and post in these groups. This includes Time Out for You and Moms with Adult Kids. You have two options for signing up. You can register using your email address and password, or simply sign in using Social logins such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google. Please note you will have to update your username to your choice.

We hope you will be a part of our new journey!

Chaosity (previously TikiLynn)


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