Public, Private, and Hidden

Public, Private, and Hidden

What does it all mean?

Public Group and Forum Access

All groups and forums that are open to the public can be viewed by non-members of the community. Non-members can also post replies to posts and discussions.

Private Groups and Forums

All forums that are connected with a private group (subforums) set to private cannot be viewed by non-members of the community. Forums can be viewed by members of the community but will be required to apply for the group to join the discussions.

Hidden Groups and Forums

These groups will not show up to anyone except the administrators. Members and non-members will not have access or the ability to see forums or the group. They will not be listed in the forum or group listings. Administrators will be able to see them.

Enable to join hidden groups, the group leader must send invites to registered members. Non-members cannot join private or hidden groups.

How to Identify the Group or Forum Status

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