Mints and Points

Getting Active in Our Community

Mints Explained

The idea of using Mint instead of Coins is an alternative way of stating online virtual coins or points. Mint is an industrial facility that manufactures coins to be used as currency. The production cost is weighed when minting coins.

Minimal Balance is Required

It is required that all registered members must have a balance over zero to maintain their membership in the community. When a user’s balance is low they will be notified to be active in the community raise the mint value.

Members with a negative balance will be given until the end of the month to revive their currency balance. After the last day of the month, the system will terminate any and all negative stale inactive accounts.

Users must have at least four minted activities per month. Inactive accounts lose mints at the end of the month for low activity in the community.

You can view your Mint balance by viewing your profile.

How to Earn Mints

There are a lot of different ways users can earn mint to keep their balance healthy. The best way to earn mints is to create discussion and reply to topics created by others.

Mints can also be used by updating your profile avatar, background image, and information.

Each month we will put together activities users can earn extra mints and badges for their participation. Badges are displayed under the user’s profile account “My Awards & Badges”.

Watch videos in the Help Desk and Chaos Guide 101.

Spending Your Mints

Some monthly and seasonal challenges may cost mint value to participate. These events often include free gift cards and give-away prizes.

You can also spend your Mints in our Chaos Shoppe. The shoppe only accepts Mints and registered users. We do not currently accept cash. Users can purchase Chaos swag items and sig tags.

Mints and Ranks

While earning Mints will increase your rank your status will not decrease if you spend your virtual coins. Ranks are accumulative regardless of how many Mints you lose or spend. This is good to know.

Mints can be Transferred

If for some reason a friend needs more Mint to buy something at the store or has a negative balance, users can transfer their own Mints to another user. View your profile to transfer Mints to a friend.

If you have questions about the Mint system, please feel free to send Chaosity a message.

Mints for new forum1No limit
Mints for new group topic1No limit
Mints for someone favorited your forum topic1No limit
Mints for new forum reply1No limit
Mints for updating profile1No limit
Mints for new group avatar1Maximum once per month
Mints for new cover photo1Maximum once per month
Mints for new friendship1No limit
Mints for new comment1No limit
Mints for adding an activity to favorites1No limit
Mints for sending a message1No limit
Mints for sending a gift1No limit
Mints for creating a new group5-
Mints for updating group topic1No limit
Mints for new group post1No limit
Mints for joining new group1No limit
Mints for new group comment1No limit
Mints for becoming a member10-
Mints for being a member for a year25-
Mints for referring a visitor1Maximum once per day
Mints for referring a new member10Maximum 10 times per day
Mints for viewing video1-
Mints for clicking on link to: %url%1-

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