Locating and Finding Groups

Locating and Finding Groups

This page is to help our new members learn to navigate the Chaos community site. We will walk you through how to locate the groups, subgroups, and subforums.

The Buddy Panel

The Buddy Panel is located on the right side of the screen on the desktop view. You can view all of your group activities by clicking on the Message Bubble Icon in the panel “Activities Feed”. If you are new or have not joined groups, your feed might be a bit empty.

Mobile Users: The Buddy Panel is your mobile Navigation

Top Left Menu “Member Groups”

If you click on “Member Groups” (on the top for desktop and first in the mobile menu) it will take you to a page and load every group/subgroups within the community. You can choose to organize the groups by using different settings.

We have two types of groups. Member Groups (community members) and Chaos Groups (run by Chaosity).

You can view the list of groups in the grid or list style.

Hovering Over or Clicking the Arrow

If you hover over the top menu you will see all of the groups and subgroups/subforums. This will help you quickly navigate all groups within the community. Mobile users have arrows that will list all forums within each group.

The Daily Activities

This is located to the right of “Member Groups” or below in the mobile view.

These groups are mostly forums that have daily or regular traffic and participation. They consist of challenges, games, and competitive activities. It helps our users engage and quickly access each of the busy forums.

Home Page

We have all of the main groups listed on the home page when you first visit the Chaos website. Most of the main groups have subgroups or subforums. A few of our member groups only have one group and forum. Each group may be a little unique according to their set up.

Watch Our Tutorial Video How to Find Groups!


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