Joining Groups

Joining Groups

There are three types of group settings.

Public Groups

Everyone can join groups as a registered member of the community. You can also opt to leave any group at any time.

FAQ: Your posts and replies do not disappear if you cancel your account or leave groups.

Private Groups

Private groups can be found in the group list; however, you must join the group to see the forums.

Only registered members can view or post in private groups.

Non-members cannot access or join private groups.

Hidden Groups

These are secret groups. No one can see them or have access to them. Group owners and members will have to send personal or direct invites. All users must be a member of the community to get invites to the hidden groups.

Create Your Own Group

Registered members are welcome to create their own groups.


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  1. How would I get back into the tine out for you group? I accidentally clicked on a button and it took me out of the group! πŸ™ x


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