How to Create a Group

How to Create a Group

Did you know you can create and run your own group?

Go to the group home page and click on Create A New Group

Fill out the Group Name (be specific and keep it fairly short)

Give your group description so others know what it is about

Provide the settings for your group

The public setting means the group will be open to the public and members.

Private means the group is only open to members that join the group.

Hidden means the group is only visible to members that are invited to join the group. The group will not be visible and the owner and members will have to invite others to join the group.

Please use the Member Group for the group type.

The parent group is not needed.

Upload a photo for your group. I recommend 500×500 pixels square. If you do not have a square the system will give you a cropping option.

Invite others to join your group. You have to promote it. Be patient and keep promoting.

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