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  • chaosity

    11/18/2019 at 8:46 PM

    As a person that works with technology every day I can tell you right now there is a huge difference between utilizing technology as a source of entertainment vs being productive. For example, I feel productive building Chaos. I am learning how to code, problem-solving, fix things, and building my skill references.

    Teens today use the phone for viewing weird videos making weird videos and so forth. I get it they are tweens and teens and they are weird and will outgrow these things as they get older. The thing is everything we did as tweens and teens are not left out in the open to the general public. Like when I was a teen we wrote notes on paper. Those things are long gone (at least I think so). Today everything our kids do is on the internet for who knows how long.

    I do feel we are slow to adapt to technology and how we should properly use it. I also feel we are barely keeping up with how to raise our kids to utilize technology. I do not blame us as parents I mean technology keeps changing and it is fast. We can barely keep up.

    What are your thoughts on this?


    ~ Living in Chaos ~

  • jeanny

    11/19/2019 at 8:44 AM

    I agree and it’s part of the reason I fought so hard to keep our kids off the internet as long as humanly possible. I was happy to start them on tech with the VTech and Leap Frog learning toys and as they got older controlled their online presence tightly. As they got older we got them basic tablets and locked off all but certain websites to them. I seem to have lost the battle tho about 4 years ago when Anja noticed how many of her friends, and cousins, had their own phones and social media accounts (their parents set up fake ones/lied about their age, etc) and started leaning on us hard to get her one too. Alex works with tech too and last year finally gave in and brought Anja one of the old work phones for her own use, and just in the last month or so did the same for Andrew. We have put some rather strict rules in place and expect them to go only as fast with the internet and tech as we do (for now).  

    I think that as our generation (kids of the 70s – 90s) become grandparents and parents of older kids things will get easier for families to keep up. Because the kids and babies of the digital age will be the ones doing the educating, and creating of the tech, and will know what the kids (and their parents) need to know to move forward as fast as the ever changing tech around them/us.


    • chaosity

      11/21/2019 at 11:51 PM

      I don’t think technology has to be bad. Like anything else in life,kids need to be taught how to properly use them with set limitations.

      The speed of technology is crazy. Take it from me who had to learn the mobile change in web development in a single year! Since that time it has changed at least four more times.


      ~ Living in Chaos ~

  • lenore

    12/02/2019 at 5:49 PM

    Technology definitely has its useful place.

    I believe it has jutted itself into the lives of children today and has become a not-needed status symbol as more and more parents can afford phones, computers, tablets, etc. I don’t think many parents realize the maturity level a child needs to be to use these products safely and on their own. AND can they recognize this maturity level in their children. Think about how many adults even struggle with consequences of their on-line lives much less children.

    Today’s society is learning while it happens but look at what can happen in the meantime. There is no taking things back once they are out there. I only hope that I have had some positive influence on how my children handle themselves on-line. I have one teen at home. The rest are adults.

    My 15 year old daughter and I were just discussing this earlier today – how the social life of teens has changed over the years. Our conversation would be much too long to enter here. We did agree that technology has a great influence on today’s teens. 

    My daughter’s father bought her a cell phone after we separated. Up until then he did not see a need for her to have one and wouldn’t pay for it. Funny how that changed. Anyway, I am now dealing with her preoccupation with it since I have her most of the time. She gets reminders of how I have to be the parent and do what I have to if it gets in the way of her regular life IF she cannot control her time with it. These will be gentle reminders at first but, if I have to, I have no problem taking that privilege away. I have taken it a few times from a few hours to overnight. She needs to learn how to manage her time. I feel it is my duty as a parent to help her with this. 

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