June 9th!

  • June 9th!

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  • mandy

    06/09/2020 at 6:58 AM

    I can not believe that half of the year is almost over! And most of it was being on lock down! I do know that we usually don’t talk about Covid-19 or news related things. But I feel like it needs to be talked about. What is your opinion on what is going on in our world today. How does your tween/teen feel about it or have they gotten any idea with is going on?

  • lenore

    06/09/2020 at 8:51 AM

    We are muddling along. I am being careful and reading news from the experts. I agree with them that it is too soon to start lifting restrictions. I have family that is high risk including myself so, of course, I worry.

    Anna worries about it, too. We talk regularly about it. I share news with her. She has her limit though. I know she is concerned and scared sometimes. She is ok with her online friendship world. She will tell me about some of her friends who she says are being stupid about precautions.

    I am surprised about some of the people I know and some of the choices they are making and the risks they are taking. I am ok with being more cautious but it does worry me when so many are not. The looser they get the tighter I get.

    • mandy

      06/09/2020 at 8:56 AM

      Oh yes that is how I am feeling myself. I don’t want that sickness. I hate being sick. And my daughter hasn’t ever been sick so I wouldn’t know what to do if that happened to her.

  • lenore

    06/09/2020 at 9:02 AM

    We do have conversations about the protesting and racial injustice. We are not directly involved with it here in a small town in northern Wisconsin. No violence or looting here.

  • lindar

    06/10/2020 at 6:31 AM

    This pandemic seems to have so far passed quicker than I would have thought. Luckily the lock down came more or less as the nicer weather came allowing the kids to get outside more.

    Our preteen has not shown any interest or asked many questions about COVID-19 other than the restrictions that personally are/were affecting her. I tried talking with her about it, but she just is not mature enough in that way to care.

    Our teen is a different story. She is very politically adept for her young teen years always asking questions and bringing up points about the pandemic and some injustices and irregularities she feels are wrong. She has always been up for the challenge to fight about everything and everything, so I had my work cut out for me as her mom.

    Even as the social, physical and other restrictions were in full force, we still found ways for both of them to get the odd glimpse of normality during this time. That was a saving grace for them and us.

  • jeanny

    06/23/2020 at 5:56 PM

    We have been taking each thing as it comes. The kids are updated on the pandemic, and re-opening, as they need to be with the info that is most pertinent to them. Andrew misses his friends, and going to school, but has done really well with the online learning and is looking forward to returning in the fall. Anja has done really well with the online learning too but not nearly as well with the separation from her friends and is very vocal about how she feels about the way things are being handled by us and the government. 3 of 4 of us are at risk and I am not comfortable with how quickly the government is moving the re-opening along. They are bending to a LOT of pressure from the public and have sped up the re-opening and increasing the sizes of gatherings despite all the warnings from health officials and the province having more and more active cases every day. It makes me very anxious and as much as we are doing things we’re not letting the kids get together with their friends unless we can control the situation and guarantee that they’ll stay distanced and safe.

    I think the issues that are most at the forefront for conversation these days is the racial protests (black lives matter as well as indigenous rights here in Canada) and how the LGTBQ+ community is being treated. I’ve used these as learning opportunities for our whole family and have learned along with the kids and I’ve really enjoyed hearing how they feel and things that they want to see happen in the future and how they can help them happen.


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