Chaos Navigation

We have several navigations set up to help you navigate between the groups. We will talk to the vendor about improving breadcrumbs (links) to help us navigate between posts, threads, and subforums.

The Buddy Panel

The Buddy Panel is the left navigation panel in deep red. It will help you access important sections throughout the community. It will be helpful to jump from group to group.

Click on the Buddy Panel menu icon to expand the navigation screen. As you get familiar with the icons you can navigate quickly without the panel open.

Mobile Users the Buddy Panel is the site navigation by clicking on the menu icon.

Mobile viewers – open the video in full-screen view

Mobile viewers – open the video in full-screen view

Quick Access Menu

The top bar navigation on desktop displays the following from left to right:

Member Groups – List of all groups by category

If you click on MEMBER GROUP it will take you to the Group page and list all available groups.

If you hover over or click the Arrow pointing down it will list all of the groups and categories. We have two categories. Chaos groups and member groups.

Mobile viewers – open the video in full-screen view

Daily Activities

If you click on Daily Activities it will show you all of the posts that are responded to on a daily or weekly basis. These groups and posts include daily prayers, daily boosters, games, challenges, and other activities.

If you hover over or click on the Arrow it will list all of the current month activities, challenges, and events.

Mobile Users the Member Group and Daily Activities are the first two links you see when you open your navigation menu.

Right Side of the Navigation

Your Username and Avatar

If you click on your Username or Avatar it will open a mini navigation window. The following content is listed in the following order:

Profile: Your personal profile to update your username, email, cancel an account, and check your activity status.

Account: Login information, Email Notice Preferences, Privacy Setting, and Exporting Data.

Timeline: Are your activity list plus Likes/Favorites, Connections, Groups, Mentions, and people you are Following. You can view all of this by clicking on your profile.

Notifications: Site activity notification people that have posted or notifications of threads you subscribed to.

Messages: Private messages you sent or received.

Connections: People you are connected with (in other words) friends.

Groups: All groups you have joined.

Forums: All forums you have posted in.

Photos: Pictures you have uploaded.

Email Invites: Invite your friends to join.

Logout: Log out of the site.

Mobile Users have the same available menu access as desktop.

Mobile viewers – open the video in full-screen view

The Mailbox

Send private messages to people that are registered to the community. To send a message type in the member or member’s name then write your message. You can send a message to multiple people in the community.

Site Notification

Get notification of what is happening in the community. Be sure to subscribe to forums that you want specific notifications on by email.


We have four-footer sections with information.

Column One: Further to the left is our recent blog posts.

Column Two: Helpful Links to navigate the site

Column Three: Our sister sites (Cafemom Groups or Forums)

Column Four: Newsletter if you want to get notifications on contests, updates about the community, and more.

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