Chaos Badges

Badge Introduction

Badges are earned by participating in the community and performing specific activities. Users earn points for website and community activities. There are four levels each with a specific theme. So for example, Level I (basic theme) you earn 5 mints for watching a video you will earn the LV I video badge. If you earn up to 10 mints for watching videos your badge will be upgraded to a LV II badge. The more points you earn your badge will display your highest level.

Badge Themes

We have three themes for the year 2020.
LV I: Basic Badge
LV 2: 80s Theme
LV 3: Hippie Theme
LV 4: Pirate Theme
The goal is to try and earn all four level badges. Note: Only one badge per theme is displayed. The highest level for that badge will be displayed. If you see a Hippie Theme badge for an activity, it means you are an LV 3 for that badge.

Badge Assignment and Annual Reset

Most badges are automatically assigned based on mint points and activities. Some badges are automatically assigned based on the user’s placement (1st-3rd place). Badges display the highest level per category. You can find your badges under your profile.

Logs for points and badges are reset yearly to decrease accumulated clutter on the server. We want newer members to have the opportunity to win some of the cool badges every year. Some badges and awards will remain, others will be reset annually.

2020 Available Badges

Registration Badge

Registration Badge 2019
New Joiner Badge 2020

Special Link Badge

Level 1
5+ clicks
Level 2
10+ clicks
Level 3
15+ clicks
Level 4
20+ clicks

Like Badges

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4

Please note that there are limitations to some of the activities (max per day) to prevent overuse and flooding the activity log.

I Was Liked Badge

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4

Topic Reply Badge

Level 1
50 Topic Replies
Level 2
100 Topic Replies
Level 3
150 Topic Replies
Level 4
200+ Topic Replies

New Topic Creation Badge

Level 1
25 New Topics
Level 2
50 New Topics
Level 3
75 New Topics
Level 4
100+ New Topics

Join Groups Badge

Level 1
1 Group Joined
Level 2
5 Groups Joined
Level 3
10 Groups Joined
Level 4
20 Groups Joined

Friendship Badge

Level 1
1 New Friendship
Level 2
5 Friendships
Level 3
10 Friendships
Level 4
15 Friendships

Video Tutorials Badge

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4

Compliment Badge

Level 1
5 Compliments
Level 2
10 Compliments
Level 3
15 Compliments
Level 4
20 Compliments

Avatar Badge

Level 1
1 Update
Level 2
5 Updates
Level 3
10 Updates
Level 4
15 Updates

Private Message Badge

Level 1
5 New Message
10 New Messages
15 New Messages
20 New Messages


Monthly, Seasonal, and Yearly Winning Badges

Seasonal Game Badges

1st-3rd Winter Winner Badge
1st-3rd Spring Winner Badge
1st-3rd Summer Winner Badge
1st-3rd Fall Winner Badge

Monthly Game-Winning Badges

Yearly Game-Winning Badges

Special Game Badges

These badges are given to members that have the highest winning streak for the particular game.

You Know It Is…
What is it Badge
Do you Know what it is
Name that Tune Badge
Name that Tune
Wheel of Fortune Badge
Wheel of Fortune
Blast from the Past Badge
Blast from the Past
Word Search Badge
Word Search
Bh’smimi & Lenore
Things you Might Find Badge
Things you might find
Movie & TV Badge
Movies & TV
Jeopardy Badge
A-Z Badge
A-Z of Things
Yuk or Yum Badge
Yuk or Yum
Rhyme Time Badge
Rhyme Time
I Spy Badge
I Spy
Word Game Badge
Word Game
Family Feud Badge
Family Feud



Step it Up Challenge Badges

Monthly Walking Badge

Grand Monthly Step it Up Winner
Step it Up 1st Place Winner
Step it Up 2nd Place Winner
Step it Up 3rd Place Winner
Monthly Step it Up Participant

Seasonal Walking Badges

Seasonal Step it Up Gold Winner
Silver Seasonal Step it Up Winner
Bronze Seasonal Step It Up
Seasonal Participant Step It Up

Yearly Walking Badge

Step it Up Yearly Grand Winner
Step it Up Yearly Gold Winner
Step it Up Yearly Silver Winner
Step it Up Yearly Participant

Learn how to earn your Walking Badge

Monthly Leadership Rank/Badges

Amazing Grace Top Member 100+ Posts and/or Replies
Charismatic Top Member 75+ Posts and/or Replies
Energetic Top Member 50+ Posts and/or Replies
Training Top Member 25+ Posts and/or Replies
Novice Top Member 10+ Posts and/or Replies

Yearly Overall Leadership Rank Badges

These badges are given based on the overall number of points earned throughout the year and rank level combined. So if you placed 1st but your rank was Charismatic – your badge will be 1st Place Charismatic.

About the Top Leadership

The top leadership is based on user points which are earned by participating in any of the groups in Chaos. The more you post and reply your points are earned and your rank goes up. Points are refreshed seasonally and start over right before the first of each month. The badges will display your highest rank earned. You can track your rank numbers by joining groups and checking the Top Member Leadership tab.


Awards will be added as they are created along with the badges or signature tags. Some events award signature tags and others are badges. Personalized awards will always be offered as signature tags. Check the winning pages for the signature tag links.

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