April Changes

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Hello Chaos members.

I have made some minor changes to the site to make it appear less cluttered and more attractive. Here are a few changes that have taken place and my plans for the remaining of the year.

  1. The system was updated again on Friday. If something is not working, please let me know so I can pass that information to the theme builder.
  2. I have tweaked the homepage layout. I added an automatic posting script so that I have to do less manual work. This required a bit of restructure in layout.
  3. I reformatted the footer. I was not liking the text. It looked too busy and cluttered. I think images are more appealing for people. The footer has always been set up with an automatic posting option.
  4. I have updated the games (more will come every few days) and old ones replaced. We will finish the Valentine games. They are already up might as well do them.
  5. Step it Up has also been updated. I have created new posts for April. We will not go back because it is too much work for all of us to do makeup numbers. So start posting your numbers again.
  6. I will work on the winter overall winning, January, February games and Step it Up winners. It may take a few weeks.
  7. I am adding more badges based on topics and activities. Those are coming up. I already have the Awareness badges done.
  8. I will be adding more sig tags and avatars in the SHOPPE. This may also be a bit delayed and will be more active towards May. School ends soon!

Stay well during this crazy time! Happy Spring for those of you with sunny skies.


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  1. Are notifications coming back for mobile?

    Thank you for all the work you do to this site up and runnin.


    1. Hello Jennifer,
      Craziest thing! I never noticed! This is why I like it when you guys reach out to let me know something is missing. I also noticed the emojis are missing on like buttons will fix that in a few. The images in the shop also disappeared after a new upgrade (ugh). Anyhow, I turned notifications back on πŸ™‚


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