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FAQ and Community Help Desk

We have several different Help Sections available for non-members and members. Utilize our help sections to learn your way around the community.

SOS Help Desk

The main section of the help desk is broken down into categories to help make the transition as members easier. We recommend you start with the categories that are titled 101 for new members and 102 for returning members, and 103 for longer-term members. Learning a community takes time so do not feel you need to rush. Once you are comfortable it is highly recommended you keep reviewing the tips and tricks in our Help Section. You might learn new cool things you can do in the community.

Forum Guide

The forum guide offers tutorials and directions on how to utilize the forums in the groups and community. If you are a new start with Forum Guide 101.

The Member Guide

The member guide bundles all of the different tutorials and tips into one spot according to learning levels. Newer members should visit the Member Guide 101 section.

Group Guide

We have two sections under the Group Guide.

Member Group Guide

This section helps members learn all the features available in the groups and as a group member. This also includes how to modify your email notification per group.

Group Owner Guide

This section is for members that open their own groups in the community. If you are a new group owner, start with Group Guide 101.


This section bundles all of our how-to and troubleshooting issues from all the other sections. This way if you are seeking something specific you can find it under Troubleshooting.

The Help Forum

We do have a help forum if you prefer to just ask a question. We also use the help forum to test features and other activities. If you are a group owner please feel free to use the Help Forum for testing purposes. If you are a member use the help forum to test features.

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