🏡️ December Top Member Leaders

Each month we calculate the top points earned by members for their participation in the community. These points are reset each month so everyone has an opportunity to start over and win.

Points are accumulative and the overall total member leader winner is announced at the end of December annually. Points are also reset yearly so everyone including new members has the opportunity to participate.

The 2019 December Winners

1st Place: Jeanny – 272 Points

2nd Place: Lenore – 262 Points

3rd Place: CaptainJack 202 Points

Winners fetch your Signature Tag Awards HERE!

Winners Per Group

Pet Life

1st: Jennifer
2nd: Chrissy
3rd: Chaosity

Cafemom Reunion

1st: Jeanny
2nd: Lenore
3rd: CaptainJack

Family Circus

1st: Chrissy
2nd: Chaosity
3rd: Lindar

Life is Good

1st: Jennifer
2nd: Chrissy
3rd: n2ishn

Nailed It

1st: Jennifer
2nd: Chrissy
3rd: n2ishn

Rabbit Hole

1st: Lenore
2nd: bhsmimi
3rd: Jennifer

Thank you for your active participation and support!

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