🍁 2019 Fall Game Winners

Congratulations to our winners!

Fall & November 2019 Winners

1st Place


2nd Place


3rd Place


4th Place


Runner Up Winners

Mandy, Jeanny, Chrissy, and Steph

Winning and Playing

Games are active daily and year-round. The more you play the higher your overall scores will be. Here is how we keep tabs of the game activities.

Monthly Winners

Monthly winners earn mints for each reply in the games.

Winners are given extra mint points 1st – 3rd place
1st = 5 Mints
2nd = 4 Mints
3rd = 3 Mints
4th = 2 Mints
All players for the month = 1 Mint

Seasonal Overall Winners

We tally up overall game-winning points at the end of each season. Winners are awarded badges based on the top four players for that season. Badges will be assigned and can be viewed on your Profile Tab (My Awards & Badges)

Yearly Overall Winners

(Games annual run end in September)
Games reset and start again for the next annual cycle in October.

Yearly overall top players will have a choice between Mint or Gift Card.
1st Place Overall Player = $25 Gift Card or 25 Mints + Year Winning Badge
2nd Place Overall Player = $15 Gift Card or 15 Mints + Year Winning Badge
3rd Place Overall Player = $10 Gift Card or 10 Mints + Year Winning Badge

Overall Best Player Per Game Subject Awards

We will also award the overall Best player per game topic. Only one winner per game topic is awarded. They will receive a sig tag and 5 Mints.

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