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July Monthly Storage Cleaning & Security Challenge

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Thoughts to Ponder and Blog About

  • What do you love the most about your storage?
  • What do you dislike about your storage?
  • What could make your living room more functional?
  • What does it need less of?
  • What does it need more of?
  • What changes would you like to make?


Week One – Decluttering

The purpose and goal are to start with removing clutter from the storage. Here are some thoughts to consider when decluttering.

  • Is anything expired, rarely used, outdated, or broken? Consider removing it.
    Create a bin for items to be removed.
  • How often is it used? How often is it needed? Can it be removed?
  • Does it belong in the storage? Can it be placed elsewhere?
    Create a relocation bin for items that can be placed elsewhere.
  • What items need to be replaced? What things can you financially replace now? What items will need to be budgeted for the next time?


While decluttering the garage, here are a few things to consider.

  • What items get used the most?
    Organize these items, so they are easily accessed.
  • What items get used the least?
    Organize these items so they have a place to be stored and quickly found.


Once you have completed the decluttering stage, organize bins for tossed, removed, or replaced items. You can also choose to use containers to empty drawers and other storage areas for quicker organization and clean-up.


Week Two – Cleaning

This week we will clean all areas of the storage, especially areas that are not cleaned regularly.

The Cleaning Process

  • Start with nooks, drawers, and storage areas. Clean them out and remove all items and debris. If possible, wash them down—place items in these areas in baskets or bins.
  • Start from the top: Wipe downlight fixtures, dust ceiling corners, and wash down the windows and blinds. 
  • Wipe down the windowsills, trimmings, light fixtures, and doors.
  • Wipe and clean electronics and equipment.
  • Do some touch-up (wall or door painting and cover-up furniture scratches).
  • Vacuum and mop the floor.
  • Do repairs on any broken items, such as light fixtures.

Week Three – Organizing

During week three, our focus will be to put the storage back together. Everything has been removed, cleaned, and washed. Now it is time to put it all back. Here are some things to consider before you begin this process.

  • Plan your storage layout if you want to change it up.
  • Consider adding or replacing organization bins, baskets, or accessories.
  • Plan your organization process and buy what you need to accomplish this task.


Some thoughts to consider when organizing items in the storage area.

  • Items that are commonly used daily should remain stored in a quick, accessible method.
  • Items that are used regularly but not daily can be stored in an accessible access area.
  • Items rarely used should be placed in areas of storage or display and out of the way.


Getting Organized and Putting it Together

  • Start with items that are the least used and place them on displays and bins.
  • Organize items that are regularly used but not daily.
  • Organize items that are used daily and often.


Week Four – Revision and Security Check

Now that the storage area is clean organized, and in place, take a look at your finished task. The next step is to decide what changes you still need to make and finalize any unfinished tasks.


Ask yourself these questions and plan your attack.

  • Does anything need to be repaired or replaced?
  • Is everything appropriately stored?
  • Is the organization functional?


Security Check

  • Check all alarm batteries and ensure they are correctly working.
  • Check security cameras and ensure they are working correctly.
  • Update security software and equipment.
  • Check that the proper fire extinguisher is placed in the correct location.
  • Have fireplaces checked for hazards and cleaned.
  • Check outlets for any damages.

Share your journey and progress in our Get Er Done Forum. Post before and after photos and share your ideas and tips to improve this cleaning process.


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Jul 04 - 31 2022


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