December Monthly Cleaning Challenge

December Cleaning Challenge

Get Er Done

Other Things to Consider

  • Cleaning and organizing the car
  • Cleaning and organizing seasonal decorations
  • Cleaning and organizing traveling set
  • Workspace and office organization

Week One – Organize and Clean the Car

Action Steps

  1. Take everything out of the car, including your trunk and dashboard compartment.
  2. Organize items according to need, necessities, relocation, and disposal.
  3. Vacuum and shampoo the carpet and seating.
    If your car contains leather, use leather cleaner then polish.
  4. Wipe and polish hard surface areas.
  5. Clean the windows (interior and exterior).
  6. Clean tight areas and check under the seat.
  7. Get organizing bins for items to be placed back into the car.
  8. Make repairs as necessary.

Share before and after photos of your car cleaning process. Join the social group.

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