Random Act of Kindness

Random Act of Kindness

RAK Printable Tags

It is always a good idea to act out with kindness daily, weekly, and monthly. I admit with my hectic life, the act of kindness gets pushed aside. The hustle and bustle mode of our day prevents us from thinking outside our personal boundaries.

I have created some printable tags to help promote and remind acting out in kindness frequently. Here is how they work.

  1. Download or Print the file (PDF format)
  2. Use colored or decorative paper (optional)
  3. Print on cardstock for durability (optional)
  4. Laminate the sheets before you cut for longer-lasting recycled tags (optional)
  5. Cut out the tags

There are several ways you can utilize the tags.

  1. Place the tags in a jar and randomly pick one until you fulfill the RAK task
  2. Punch a hole on end and string them together and hang them
  3. Please place them in a pile in a pouch or rubber band and keep them in your car
  4. Select another tag when you have completed your RAK task

How often should you complete a RAK task?

  1. One per day
  2. Several per day
  3. Please select one and hang onto it until you complete the task
  4. Select several and trade for another when a task is completed
  5. Do one RAK per day
  6. Do one RAK per week
  7. Do a few RAK per month

It is up to you how often you wish to demonstrate a Random Act of Kindness task.

What did you think about the tags? Tell us how you used them.
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