Ways to Journal your Thoughts and Ideas

Get ideas how to start journaling today

Start Journaling

There are many ways to begin the process of journaling. Here are some outlines to help you choose the right journaling process for you.

· Will the journaling be strictly private and for your eyes only?

· Will the journaling be open for friends, family, or the general public?

· Will your journaling focus on specific topics of your life?

· Will your journal be informative for others that read it?

· What method works best for you? Digital, paper, or both?

Reasons to start journaling

· Change your perspective and outlook on life

· Track habits, behaviors, or self-improvement

· Share with other specific experiences, travel, or review information

· Create a fun album of your life to share with family and friends

· Write to reflect on your life or release stress 

Whatever your reasons are, journaling is a great hobby or activity to help you express yourself. If you are not sure where to start with journaling, you can begin a few ways.

Mobile Apps

· Daylio—Self-Care Bullet Journal with Goals and Mood Diary & Happy Tracker
IOS App & Google Play

· The Five Minute Journal— Morning & evening prompts with photo attachment options
IOS App & Google Play

· Diaro—A basic app with the ability to create quick entries and attach photos
IOS App, Google Play, Amazon

Online Platforms

· Journey Cloud—Allows you to post your entries on the cloud via mobile or desktop
IOS, Android, macOS, Windows, & Linux

· DayOne—Writing, photos, videos, drawings, or audio entries
IOS, Android, Mac, Browser Extensions, & Email Access

· Penzu—Typical blogging style journal with an email reminder to post an entry
Desktop, Laptop, IOS App & Android

Blog Style

· BloggerHosted online blogging platform with or without a domain

· WordPress—Hosted or self-hosted with mobile app access or post using email

· Squarespace– Alternative compared to WordPress with templates

Social Media

· Adobe Spark interactive format easily viewed on all devices

· Tumblr cross mix of blogger and Twitter style

· Medium community-based blogging platform

· Bloglovin another community-based blogging platform

Pen and Paper Style

· Guided Journals

· Wreck this Journal

· Bullet Journal

· Q & A Journal

· Basic Plain no Prompt Journal

Other Ideas

· Scrapbook It
Use your scrapbooking for writing short stories about the photos on the pages.

· Planner Style for Journaling
me & my BIG ideas—https://meandmybigideas.com

· Handmade personalized journal

· Google Drive and use Google Doc or Spreadsheet to track your thoughts

· Create slideshows

· Make movies and upload your videos

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