Journal Topic Ideas

Journaling Topic Ideas

The Big Question

Should you journal the same thing or mix it up?

I do not think there is a right or wrong answer to this. For example, one might be highly interested in beauty and fashion. Perhaps you have specific habits you want to break and using a journal to track your progress.

If you are like me, I live life through random chaos, where each day has new challenges. My job is very unpredictable, and I never know what my day could be like. I prefer mixing it up with some consistency.

Use the guidelines below on whether you should focus your journaling on the same topic or mix it up.

Same Topic

Focusing on the same topic provides consistency and

If journaling for a live
audience like blogging or
Vlogging would be ideal for sticking with one or two


Mix  it Up

Journaling random topics
depending on the day, week, or month prevents boredom and offers challenges.

If you like challenges and random changes then mixing it up is for you.

Journal Topic Ideas

What should I write about?

The focus of this blog post is to provide some journaling topic ideas. Journals can be public, private, online, through social media, or handwritten in a notebook.

Ideal for Private

Daily Logs

Daily Events

Daily Memories

Self Improvement

Habit Tracking

Career Changes

Career Improvement

Daily Questions or What If



Over Coming Challenges


Past & Present Mistakes

Past & Present Dreams

Family Diary

Memories and Moments

Budget Tracking & Goals

Dealing with Stress

Food and Diet


Ideal for Private or Public

Daily or Weekly Goals

Things to be Grateful For

Problem Solving Issues

Daily Events

Brainstorming Ideas

Daily Memories





Fitness Tracking

Crafts or Gardening


(YouTube, Book, Movie)


Your Current View

Travelling & Vacation

Bucket List

Inspirational People

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