2021 Challenges

Superhero Ranks 2021

Rank Introduction

Ranks are based on the number of superpower points you earned. You can earn superpower points performing specific tasks and activities across the site (as a logged-in member). Non-members can not earn superpower points. Users must be logged in.

Ways to Earn Superpower Points

  • Visiting the website periodically and logging in
  • Liking posts, comments, and replies
  • Posting topics, comments, and replies
  • Joining and participating in workshops, courses, and training
  • Post a blog/vlog
  • Post a comment or reply in group activity feeds
  • Joining groups
  • Updating your profile (avatar/photo and banner)
  • Updating your profile information
  • Completing assignments and activities
  • Joining monthly and/or seasonal Chaos challenges


When you earn a specific number of super points, you will earn a badge. Each time you earn a badge, you earn free virtual coins. Coins can be used for intermediate/advanced workshops, courses, and training. You can also use your coins in the Chaos Shoppe.

Coin Awards

Each time you level up a rank, you earn coins. Coins can be used to purchase digital or physical goods on the website or shoppe.

Earning Super Points

If you earn 4 points a week, you can easily work your way up to the GEM level. Ranks are based on an average of four site activities per week. You can check your current rank position in your profile.

Good Luck! Will you become a superhero before December 2021?