2021 Challenges

Superhero Ranks 2021

Rank Introduction

Ranks are based on the number of superpower points you earned. You can earn superpower points performing specific tasks and activities across the site (as a logged-in member). Non-members can not earn superpower points. Users must be logged in.


New Joiner

New Joiner

On the day that you joined 50 Shades of Chaos, you entered our side of the world. Welcome to 50 Shades of Chaos, and please feel free to get settled and comfortable. The New Joiner

People who have reached this rank:

  • Brittney-Hoffman
  • Debra-Machart
  • Profile photo of April
  • Amanda-Doss
  • Profile photo of chaosity19
  • Profile photo of ashlyn
  • Profile photo of chaosity
The Hostage

The Hostage

As you return to the site, you began to find your way around; however, you got kidnapped and now held hostage somewhere along the line. The Hostage

3 Requirements

  • Update the profile avatar
  • Update the profile cover
  • Complete 25% of the profile information

People who have reached this rank:

  • Profile photo of Olivia-R
  • Profile photo of Lynn
The Invisible Woman

The Invisible Woman

You find something shiny near your foot and unsure of what it is. You can tell it is foreign and hesitate to attempt to pick it up. You use your feet to grab the object and suddenly… WHOOOOSH!!!!!!! A very bright light appears, blinding you. You close your eyes until the light spins out and disappears. Your kidnappers show up shortly after the light is gone. It appears they cannot SEE YOU!

Your kidnappers leave in an attempt to find you. The object had some form of magic-making you invisible. You wiggle and crash your chair onto the floor and quickly free yourself. Invisible Woman

2 Requirements

  • Daily visit the website 25 times (limited to 1 per year)
  • Log into your account ten times
Pet Dragon

Pet Dragon

As you are escaping from the building, you encounter a dragon. He can smell you and knows you are near. He can hear your footsteps and smell your perfume. You reach out to touch him; he becomes startled and confused. You gently talk to the dragon and decide you want to take him home. You complete your escape with a pet dragon.

2 Requirements

  • Join a group
  • Reply to a group activity feed
Superhero Strengths

Super Training Strength

You reach out for help through a local superhero agency and beg them to train you. They accept your plea, and you are now beginning your training working on your strength.

1 Requirement

  • Start a group activity feed discussion
Super Punch Rank

Mastering Super Punch

Your training is hard and gruesome as you do different exercises and drills. You continue to work through your training, strengthening your kicks and punches.

2 Requirements

  • Start a new discussion topic
  • Reply to a discussion topic
Super Power Weapon

The Super-Weapon

You are now done with the physical training and must learn how to use the superweapons. You are in your final stage of training.

2 Requirements

  • Join two or more groups
  • Write ten or more group activity posts
Super Training Car

Super Car

You graduated from the superhero training and rewarded with a superhero car. You are now ready to fight villains and protect your pet dragon.

2 Requirements

  • Create 10 or more discussion topics
  • Reply to ten or more discussion topics
The Hero

The Hero

You are a hero for rescuing the dragon. You continue to work alongside your hero friends fighting crime and taking down villains.

2 Requirements

  • Complete 50% of your profile
  • Earn 50 Superpower Points
The Superhero

The Superhero

You have endured many weeks and months of escape, training, and defending your community! Congratulations on your Superhero role!

4 Requirements

  • Join four or more groups
  • Write 20 or more activity feed discussions
  • Create 20 or more topic discussions
  • Reply to 20 or more discussion topics
The Chaos GEM


Members that completed months of site activities and workshops will earn the “gem” that made you invisible when you escaped your kidnappers. The “gem” is the highest rank! Way to go!

4 Requirements

  • Create a group
  • Send at least one friendship request
  • Earn 100 Superpower Points
  • Leave at least 10 comments on blog posts

Ways to Earn Superpower Points

  • Visiting the website periodically and logging in
  • Liking posts, comments, and replies
  • Posting topics, comments, and replies
  • Joining and participating in workshops, courses, and training
  • Post a blog/vlog
  • Post a comment or reply in group activity feeds
  • Joining groups
  • Updating your profile (avatar/photo and banner)
  • Updating your profile information
  • Completing assignments and activities
  • Joining monthly and/or seasonal Chaos challenges


When you earn a specific number of super points, you will earn a badge. Each time you earn a badge, you earn free virtual coins. Coins can be used for intermediate/advanced workshops, courses, and training. You can also use your coins in the Chaos Shoppe.

Find Your F*cking Happy

Find Your F*cking Happy

Auto Draft Coin 1

Post and share your journaling experiences in the Find Your F*cking Happy journaling challenge forum. VISIT THE FORUM

You must complete all twelve months by replying to each monthly discussion topic for the journaling challenges to complete this badge. Points are not given by starting a new topic discussion. To earn this badge, you must reply to each assigned topic discussion for the journaling challenge.

Materials Needed

Participants will need to fully use the book Find Your F*cking Happy by Monica Sweeney to participate in this online journaling activity.

Target:Buy Nowfor $10.49

Amazon:Buy Now for $10.49
Paperback or $17.99 Spiral-Bound

Earn 1 coin by completing this achievement.

Empowerment Achievement


Auto Draft Coin 1

Empowerment Journaling Achievement Badge

Be a part of an online journey with a focus on self-empowerment. Join weekly and monthly challenges with specific projects. Share your journey through discussions and earn Superpower Points. Earn Coins and an Achievement Badge by completing the challenge.

Complete the steps below to earn your Empowerment Achievement Badge.

Materials Needed

Participants will need to fully use the book The Fearless Woman by Piccadilyinc to participate in this online journaling activity.

Barnes & Noble: Buy Now for $7.00

Visit the Empowerment Discussion

Coin Awards

Each time you level up a rank, you earn coins. Coins can be used to purchase digital or physical goods on the website or shoppe.

Earning Super Points

If you earn 4 points a week, you can easily work your way up to the GEM level. Ranks are based on an average of four site activities per week. You can check your current rank position in your profile.

Good Luck! Will you become a superhero before December 2021?