New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve

The Good

So this is the last day to reflect on the year 2020. The good news is we all shared the craziness of surviving the mask and COVID era. Although it is far from over and will spill into 2021, we will not be alone in the new year’s struggles.

2020 did treat me somewhat good. Here are some awesome things that happened to me this year.

  1. For the first time in years, I was no longer working in a crap job environment. I loved the job but disliked the office culture and lack of equity/equality.
  2. I managed to get my paperwork and everything prepped for my cochlear implant in three months. Mind-blowing!
  3. I got the cochlear implant, and it was successful. For the first time in years, I was able to hear again – no wait, hear better than I ever had in my life.
  4. I made it through school “again.”
  5. I got the job I had my eye on for years and now happy in my new career.
  6. I survived the COVID era so far.
  7. We got a new puppy, “Uhtred,” such a stinking cute pupper.
  8. My oldest daughter bought her first home.
  9. I finally got a new car! Good Impala!
  10. I stayed in school and finished the semester. I really wanted to drop out.

The Bad

The bad thing about this year was COVID. It has really profoundly impacted people. It changed so many things and affected businesses and the economy. This is certainly not an era I would want to repeat. I think about all of our previous ancestors that manage to escape this extreme pandemic. Crazy times and no one has a clue what the future holds. I don’t think we will be in the mask era forever or the new normal. We may be dealing with the pandemic for a few years.

Although my cochlear implant was successful, it also comes with some not so fun side effects. The dizziness seems to be the new normal for me personally, and that weird buzzing noise I hear time to time is not delightful!

The Ugly

COVID is the worst thing that happened this year. It is ugly and disruptive. It has affected how I teach dance and causing so much distance. It is obvious from this year people are extremely social. We have learned that although we are plugged into our devices, we thrive on interaction and physical presence. Massive social gathering is part of who we are. When we finally take a break from work and technology, we are gathering somewhere to have fun. I hope COVID does not hijack the new year. That would be a real bummer.

What are the ten good things that happened in 2020 for you?


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