Level of Confidence

Level of Confidence

The Fearless Woman

How is my level of confidence? What boosts my confidence? What steps can I take to sustain my confidence?

I don’t think anyone is confident all the time. It is normal to have some self-doubt or lack self-esteem in areas of our lives. Confidence is what drives us to move forward. Lack of confidence is triggered when we start exploring areas beyond our comfort zone. Overall, I think it is essential to have the determination to explore the unknown and go beyond our comfort zone.

My confidence in the workforce could use some work. Sometimes experiences can destroy our spirit and hold us back. I have always lacked self-confidence when it comes to working under others. I feel that people do not have enough faith in me; therefore, it disrupts my confidence. I know this is something I must learn to overcome and break down those barriers. It is not up to other people to determine my worth and talent. I believe my confidence was at the lowest point while working for my previous supervisor. She expected perfection. It is not possible to live by someone else’s standards. Enable one to grow; mistakes have to be made. Whenever I did something that was not to her expectations or standards, she minimized me and made me feel unworthy. There is no doubt I have the ability and talents to go beyond her expectations. Her lack of trust and leadership skills was not my mistake to own. Her controlling trait prevented others from improving and producing top quality work. I have learned working under poor management and leadership will hinder your professional growth.

Confidence can only be defined based on how it is built. For example, my new occupation is a new territory for me. I am sometimes dealing with issues I am unfamiliar with. It will take time to learn new skills and gain experience. I am impatient and working under the idea management of my previous supervisor. I have support, encouragement, and guidance from my work peers. I need to learn to trust and believe they want what is best for me. I am slowly breaking down barriers I created as a result of my previous work experience. It will happen, and I am trying to remind myself it is ok to make mistakes. It is ok not to know it all. It is ok I cannot always solve the problems. After all, I didn’t become an exceptional teacher without making mistakes. Mistakes help me find my strengths and weaknesses and how I can improve to make them better.

Things I can do to help keep or build up my confidence are remembering nothing happens right away. If I am always doing it right, then I may not be growing or doing my best. When we have mastered a skill, we tend to forget how to become better or be students. Growth only happens when we are evolving or developing beyond the current level. I have been teaching dance for over thirty years. I may be accomplished at teaching; however, I am still learning new things. I have been doing web development for more than ten years. I am still learning new things. I do not miss working for my previous supervisor because her idea was to stick with what worked and never exploring the unknown. Although she had been doing her job for over twenty years, she lacked an understanding of the newest web technology. The result led to being pushed out of our jobs and replaced. She stopped growing and stayed in her comfort zone. Sadly I also paid the price since I was stifled and limited in my professional growth. Because of this work environment, I no longer have a passion for doing web in the professional field. However, technology touches a lot of bases. I am genuinely enjoying exploring and starting over again with resolving technical issues. It means I am learning new skills and adding to the experiences I already have. That makes me stable and strong. I like that.

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