Behind Be Your Own Superhero

Behind Be Your Own Superhero

I wanted to take this time to explain my blog theme, “Be Your Own Superhero.”

I have two sites.

Fifty Shades of Chaos: my online tutorial, workshop, and resource site.

50 Shades of Chaos: my personal online blog and memoirs

Fifty Shades of Chaos – Resource Site

I decided to make things a little easier for my students through the Community Education center to access some of my resources and workshops. I know they will appreciate having access to revisit what they have learned in class. There is no doubt that face-to-face class is always best compared to online or remote. Hands-on instruction is easier and less confusing. The Google Classroom is confusing and, in a way, complicates how I connect with my students.

I started noticing that people were getting confused between my Fifty Shades and blog site. Secondly, without a theme or identification, it was hard to tell which site I was on. So I decided to give both their own style and look. Originally, I was going to keep both the blog and resource content on one domain and site. I felt that my blogging might make my resource site too personal when aiming for a professional.

50 Shades of Chaos Blog

Since both sites needed a theme, I wanted to keep them tied together. I decided each year I would focus on a specific theme that represents empowerment and encouragement. The superhero theme is perfect, considering this year has been crazy with COVID. All of us are battling the challenges it brings.

Be Your Own Superhero

I decided to start with this theme because I have learned:

  1. You have to fight or defend yourself. I regret not doing this while I was working at MSUB. I waited too long to say something or take action. I am not saying that if I had stood up for myself, things would have been better. I am saying it leaves regrets, and there is nothing I can do to redo that time or moment.
  2. The definition of a superhero by Merriam-Webster is someone that does dangerous work – is a real-life superhero, a fictional hero with superhuman powers, or an exceptionally skillful or successful person. We do not need to be fictional or work life-risky occupations to be superheroes. What we can do is focus on our own success and improve our skills personally and professionally.
  3. My goal is to focus on empowerment and encouragement. We cannot grow if we do not focus on our own personal achievements.

We all have a responsibility to defeat COVID. We have the responsibility to work together as a community and individually. The best thing we can do during this challenging time is to be our own superhero.

My Personal Goals for 2021

  1. Learn how to defend me if I should encounter injustice, unfairness, and discrimination.
  2. Learn how to empower myself when I am facing inequality or failure.
  3. Focus on my strengths and existing skills and build off of them.
  4. Identify and improve areas of weakness.
  5. Educate people about the difference between equality and equity.
  6. Speak up about discrimination against those with impairment or disabilities.
  7. Become my own superhero.

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