2002 Blast from the Past

Denver, Colorado

The beginning of the digital era

I must have gotten my first digital camera in 2002 because that is the year of my first set of digital photos. Everything before that is all print. I imagine that the recent generations will never imagine the need to wait days and sometimes weeks to see photos taken.

During this year, Autumn turned seven in August, and as you can see from the photos below, she loved PowerPuff girls.

These were the days I called the household the Crazy Pet Gang Where the Fur Flies. Two Siberian huskies, and three cats.

Simba, our male husky, was the sweetest thing. Despite his size, he was gentle and very affectionate.

Kiara, our female husky, was the head of the alpha household, and she was always ready to be hooked up to the wagon and take you for a ride.

The feline clan was always interesting as we added Sully to our domain. He was the most adorable thing as a kitten, but his personality would prove to be a psycho cat with a lot of energy. He would grow up to become my best friend, whom I miss terribly every year.

Fluffy was an interesting character. She was very independent and pretty much kept to herself. She was Autumn’s bedtime companion.

Bambi, the tubby one, would always be tubby and extremely mellow. Sully enjoyed tormenting her with his antic behaviors.

Camping in the Absaroka mountains has been an ongoing thing year after year. Mind you, this is bear country, so I insist on using a camper. When Autumn was five, an adult black bear visited us one morning. We could not get him to leave. After that, the tent was out, and a camper was purchased.

This was also the year we traveled to Denver, Colorado, for a family reunion. Grandpa John’s 80th birthday party.

It is amazing how fast time flies and how these memories that once appeared so grand and full of life now feel so small short. There are moments I would not mind revisiting to say hello to our puppies and Mr. Sully again.

2002 Blast

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