Lost in the Woods

Woods at Night

What if you were lost in the woods at night? What would scare you the most?

First, it depends on what woods or forest or area I was lost in. I would not want to be lost in bear country. Although mountain lions are dangerous in some areas, I would be more concerned about a bear. Here is why.

  1. They are super sneaky and really quiet (as are mountain lions)
  2. They will try to kill you for your food (mountain lions would too, I suppose)
  3. They are huge, and your odds of winning are pretty slim (not sure I would take on a mountain lion)
  4. They are aggressive if they are spoked (lions fear nothing)
  5. You almost cannot escape from a bear (you might with a lion if you are fast enough)
  6. Bears can rip a car door open (lions are not that gifted)

Lions can be pretty scary; however, in my area, you rarely hear of a mountain lion attacking someone. Bears are the thing in Montana. Please do not feed the bears!

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