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I am currently working through a woman empowerment journal called The Fearless Woman. This is my first post on the questions in the book.

Are you self-motivated?

How easy is it to motivate me, and what do I find the hardest to say motivated? What can I do to improve self-motivation?

Motivation is a form of habit; it needs to be taught, trained, and developed. Motivation is impacted based on personal interest, challenges faced, and other factors. For example, if a job is to find boring and long, one might need to enforce self-motivation. If one finds an exciting project or activity, it is easier to get motivated but difficult to stay motivated until the end.

So the answer to the question, for the most part, I am pretty motivated. I like to feel accomplished and get things done. The obstacles I face is finding the time and burnout symptoms. For example, I have worked part-time for many years so that I could juggle several tasks. Now I work full time, and it isn’t easy finding time to do other tasks. I struggle with staying motivated when I start new projects such as my blog, courses, homework, or household activities. Typically when I start a new year in September, my motivation is pretty high. By the end of October, I am starting to feel burnt out and ready for a break.

I think the best way to improve motivation is by keeping activities and projects at an optimal size. Unfortunately for me, this is not always an option. I could drop out of school, and I was pretty tempted this year. However, I have already invested and halfway through my degree. It simply does not make sense to spend all that money and not finish what I started. I will be more motivated if I am not always on the run.

What are your thoughts on motivation? How is your motivation level? Do you have a game plan to improve your motivation?

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