The Fearless Woman

The Fearless Woman

Empowerment Journal

I decided to try online journaling into the next year of 2021. There are an endless of blogs float in the depth of the internet galaxy. I remember when blogs were more personal, whereas today, they are focused on influencers and making money. I personally decided to take up blogging for several reasons:

  1. Everyone has a story, and the only time you can tell it is while you are still alive.
  2. It is a great way to reflect and remember those memories, hence my monthly Blast from the Past posts
  3. Most blogs are entertainment, which is nice; however, we are all in the same boat trying to improve our lives.
  4. I think blogging can be relaxing and forces me to sit and reflect now and then.
  5. After years of doing web for other people, it is nice doing it for myself.
  6. It is a good project and a hobby.

I bought this book and thought I would answer the questions and post them weekly on Sunday. Hopefully, I can be consistent with my hectic life, which I know I should downsize, so it is manageable.

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