Carpal Tunnel

Carpal Tunnel

Carpal tunnel is the worst especially if you have arthritis as well. It is easy to think those suffering from carpal tunnel are over exaggerating the pain they experience.

I have discovered that carpal tunnel affects your daily activities. For example, getting dressed, putting in makeup, pouring a cup of coffee, driving, working, and finally the ability to write. All of these activities plus hundreds more have caused me misery and pain.

I did research on ways to relieve carpal tunnel none that has helped much. I even got those fancy night wrist guards and they do help me sleep but I still wake up with a swollen wrist.

Hopefully, with the prednisone treatment, I can get some relief. The goal; however, is to reduce the inflammation and attempt to manage my carpal tunnel to avoid surgery. Let’s hope it does not get to that point.

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