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Hawaii – You had me at Hello when I first stepped into the sand with the fine grains caressing my feet. Someday we will meet again, soon.


My lifelong dream is to retire on the Big Island of Hawaii. In the meantime, I enjoy the luxury of the mountain views in Montana where I spend my months hibernating from the bitterly cold weather working on my blog, teaching adult classes, and ballet. During the springtime, I attempt to emerge from my caves and rejoin the natural world. I enjoy spending my leisure time on my patio until the summer season arrives.

During the summer months, I enjoy my break from college, classes, dance, and head up to the mountains with my nifty camper. I spend my days napping, relaxing, and sitting in front of the campfire. After all, what is the point of camping if you do not do anything? Occasionally I will go for a brief hike, and explore random areas. We are devout campers of the Absaroka mountain ranges.

When the fall appears and the weather starts to change I enjoy my patio view for the last time for the year. I slowly begin to pack away all my summer toys and accessories and prepare for another round of six to eight months of winter. I start a new academic year in college, teaching for the school district, and dance at the YMCA. I am usually ambitious to see new and returning students.

Occasionally, I will pack my bags and head to Hawaii for a week or two. I have not been to Hawaii in several years. I hope to return and visit my lovely friend sometime in 2021. Until then… I will remain in the wildness part of the world battling the long months of winter and cold.

Fifty Shades of Chaos

Fifty Shades of Chaos is my online interactive website. If you like my blog you will like Fifty Shades of Chaos.

The site includes:

  • Groups, Discussions, and Forums
    – Join groups & discussions
    – Contribute as a leader
    – Share information with others on specific topics
  • Memberships, Badges, and Member Ranks
    – Earn Credits for participating and involvement
    – Purchase prizes with your credits
    – Earn badges and prizes for monthly challenges
    – Earn membership ranks (and credits)
  • Online Courses and Development
    – Personal development
    – Professional development
    – Subjects and Skills (sign language, web, and more)
    – Zoom sessions
  • Blogs and Bloggers – Everyone Has a Story
    – Read blogs on different topics
    – If you are a blogger share your stores and promote your own blog

Membership is 100% Free!


Friends of Cafemom

This little community was created after Cafemom (discontinued community) closed a few years ago. This community is open to any woman that wants to socialize and share experiences with others. Members can create private or public groups. This community is run by the members.

If you are looking for a place using forum style to connect with your friends join Friends of Cafemom.

About this Community

  • Members can start and organize their own group
  • Forum style community to get away from social media
  • The community is both public and private
  • Group owners can make their groups and discussions private
  • Members earn badges and ranks for participation
  • Members can also join and buy prizes through Fifty Shades of Chaos Shoppe
  • Registration is 100% free

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