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If you like a good story this could be a good read otherwise it could be a bit long. Here is my story.

Back in 2016, I gave birth to my second daughter and a part of an online community called Cafemom. Cafemom was an online community somewhat new at the time. I think they opened around 2014. Anyhow, it was a community for moms around the world to get together (forums and groups) share a common interest, give advice, seek advice, share thoughts, and yes over time became famous for conflict and bickering. Overall, the site allowed a lot of women to form friendships to share their personal conflicts and seeking support to get through hard times. We lost a few members due to death some were tragic. There was a lot of drama as well but that is expected with online communities and social media.

After years of free access and serve the site closed May 2018. Many people retired from the internet or sought out other options to continue their online support. I opened a site called Mom’s Tiki Hut to provide a place for those seeking alternatives after Cafemom closed. People scattered in multiple directions, but I think most ended up just moving on with life. So, I was now running an online community of my own wondering what should I do with it? I was never very good with blogging and rarely stuck with it past two weeks or a month. I have tried multiple times and I just lose interest.

After a year of running Mom’s Tiki Hut, the membership died down and a few stayed. It was my honor to continue to provide them a little place on the internet they could stay connected with their long distant friends. It was nice having some of the people from our old community around. However, the software I purchased to run the community became obsolete. This was a problem for several reasons. The software was outdated, and the builder did not keep up with the newer technology and web trends. It was not very mobile friendly. Without updates it there was huge risks the software would fail, and we already had a lot of bugs. They would never be repaired by the builder. I decided to move the community to new software and a new domain.

After a lot of consideration for the new name of the site (blog and community), I came to realize I enjoyed writing about random things. Mostly things about life, pets, parenting, and personal wellbeing. My idea is to eventually post blogs or articles using more of my experience, adding or sharing extra knowledge, to make it personal. It is a slow change and adjustment. To fit the theme of my interests I think of my life as constant chaos. There is always something going on. Now chaos isn’t always a bad thing. For example, the cat constantly getting on the counter (feline chaos) or the dog spreading her toys all over the house after cleaning it (dog chaos) or the teenager leaving her stuff all over (teen chaos). I think you get the idea. Life, in general, is chaotic and you will hear people say life gets easier. It’s a lie haha. No, really it is. While some parts of our lives will get easier let’s face it life is constant chaos and no it does not get easier. We face new problems, challenges, and even tragedies as we age. With that information, it just made sense to name the new site and community 50 Shades of Chaos living one chaos at a time.

My mission and goal are to combine a combination of things with the blog. Share personal experience, provide information, and give hope to others that may be feeling a bit lost. The motto of both the blog and community is to empower women to be their best, to grow, provide support, and form friendships. We may be small but sometimes the smallest things can be the most valuable. I have been blessed with a few active members in the community site and I can assure you the women are one of a kind with great hearts and offer unconditional love. I have learned a lot from them and their friendships. Social media can be distracting, and I find myself reading random things on Facebook and other social access. Nothing beats a true one on one connection with a few ladies sharing and socializing on a friendship daily. That is truly unique and a blessing.

If you are looking for something different or a place to seek support or share with others you are welcome to join our little place on the internet. Of course, it does take a little effort, and not as easy to access as Facebook but we do make it worth the while if you enjoy simple things.

As for me like all people in the world I have a story of my own. I look forward to expanding 50 Shades of Chaos blog adding new information, sharing some of my personal experience, and empowering women to keep their heads up. I hope you will be a part of the new journey in 2020.

Author: Chaosity

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