The Abandoned Cat Tree 🐱

The Mystery of the Abandoned Cat Tree

I have read comments people stating they buy their feline a cat tree, and it never gets used. I had the same problem with my previous cats, where I found myself throwing them out after a while.

Now I have two new cats (previous have all passed on to the rainbow bridge) and decided to try the cat tree again. Here is what the result was.

I placed the tree in a corner because it was out of the way and fits better in a dark, gloomy corner. The cats, on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with the tree.

I had to assess the situation and determine why the cats will not use the tree.

The reason I bought the tree was to give them something to scratch on. Getting the cats actually to climb and sit on it was a bonus.

From the cat’s perspective, the tree was a useless item sitting in a dark, gloomy corner with no purpose. The cats saw it as another object sitting in the room. They will temporarily touch it if I sprinkle a little nip at the bottom. Otherwise, they wouldn’t go near it.

Placement is the Key

One day I decided to move the cat tree in front of the window. Luckily the birds were out that day, and the cats obsessed with the tree. Within a week, both were fighting over who got the top of the tree to observe the birds out the window.


If you want the feline to use the ugly bulky cat tree, you have to put it near the window. They want to bask in the sunlight, watch the wildlife, enjoy a view.

If you have cats that still will not use the tree in front of the window, try putting a bird feeder up. If there is something for them to watch, they will use it.

Buddy mostly sleeps in it at night. Both cats will sit on the top to watch the action outside during the day. Even when I pull the blinds up, they still prefer to sit on the tree over the window sill.

Let’s Discuss!

Do you have cat trees? Do your cats use them? Have you had issues getting them to use the tree?

Author: Chaosity

Let's Discuss!

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