January Family Fun Resolution Garland

Add some fun to your January resolution by creating a year resolution garland. Use snowflakes or snowmen with your year goals in the back. String them together using twine or yarn.

Resolution and Goals for Kids

Kids should learn how to set goals and then find ways to achieve those goals. Be sure to write down how the goals will be achieved.

Ideal Resolutions and Goals

  • Make the Bed Daily – Make the bed at a specific time or after a specific task
  • Eat healthy every day – Eat a fruit every morning for breakfast
  • Clean my room every Saturday – Older children could set goals to do laundry and clean weekly before any other daily activities
  • Improve grade in a specific subject – Do extra worksheets at home

Reward and Affirmation

Be sure to set up an award system with an affirmation to help kids stay motivated to achieve their goals. A checklist to track their progress will help them get a visual of how well they are doing. Rewards can be a coupon for ice cream or goal bucks to exchange for cash and go shopping.

Make it Progressive

Kids that do daily chores or tasks often lose interest in the reward system. They will likely be more motivated if you graph and chart their progress. If they are not meeting their goals affirmation with graph and visual will help them see they can improve. Some goals should be achieved in a specific time span where they may be expected to continue once they have developed a routine. A long term reward system can be placed to help them stay motivated.

Let’s Discuss!

Show us your resolution garland and tell us how this project worked for you.

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Let's Discuss!

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