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We started this challenge early 2019 and we did pretty well keeping up with tracking our numbers. However, I got a bit behind keeping them documented in Excel so we had to compromise and settle with the last two months for all scores. There is no doubt our member Smokeyjo beat all of us. Reading her daily numbers makes my feet hurt without taking a step.

We invite you to join the challenge for 2020. 

Did You Know?

Walking has a lot of great benefits. Walking can help you reduce weight, risk of diabetes, breast cancer, and heart disease. It also helps you improve the quality of your life along with your mood and relieves stress.

Find a Walking Buddy

Make it a regular daily or weekly routine to join a buddy or two and walk and talk. This allows you time to bond with your spouse, kids, and friends.

Take Your Pet

Dogs love going for walks. This is a good opportunity to practice a healthy routine by taking the pup out for a walk. Cat lovers can also take cats for a walk if you can leash train them.

Joining the Step it Up Forum and Challenge

Members record their daily steps each day or week. We tally up the numbers and find out who got the most steps in. We are challenging everyone to Step it Up with our member Smokeyjo. We issue badges, points, (virtual coins called Mints), awards, and more.

Spend your Winnings

You can spend your mints in the community Shoppe and buy physical or virtual goods.

Coins can be used in the Chaos Gift Shoppe (like a discount).

Join Today!

Author: Chaosity

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