January Family Fun Bucket List

Start the new year off with a list of family fun bucket lists. Designing a bucket list gives everyone the opportunity to share their ideal family fun wishlist of things they want to do.

The Family Adventure Bucket List

Allow each member of the family to write down what adventures they would like to do in the new year.

Adventure Ideas

  • Trip to Disneyland or Disney World
  • Camping
  • National Park Trip
  • Family Adventure Park
  • Visit Another Country
  • Fishing Trip to a specific location

Family Fun Bucket List

Have each member write down activities that can be done at home or locally in our area

Activity Ideas

  • Visit a museum
  • Have a cookie bake and decorating day
  • Go bowling
  • Have a picnic
  • Sidewalk art

Bucket List Goals

Sort through all of the different bucket list ideas and decide which activity can be done. Categorize them accordingly.

  • Future bucket list (activities that cannot be done this  year but maybe in the future)
  • Seasonal list (sort by season when the best time to do the activity)
  • Setting Up the Bucket List for 2020
  • Purchase a medal pale for Family Adventure, Family Fun, Current Activity to Do
  • Get colored popsicle sticks and sort the colors by season, type, and/or month
  • Write the activity on the stick
  • Place the sticks in the buckets by their category

Medal Pale BucketPopsicle Sticks

The Current Activity To Do Bucket

Each month replace the bucket list sticks for the current month or season. Each week you can have someone draw a stick to see what activity to do that week or day. This is a good way to randomly select which Family Adventure to do for the season or year.

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Let's Discuss!

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