December Impairment Driving Awareness

According to statistics, the holiday season generates the highest peak in impairment and driving. December is dedicated to highlighting Impaired Driving Prevention to help reduce injuries and death during the holiday season.

Here are some facts regards to National Impaired Driving

The season between Thanksgiving and New Year produces the highest deadliest and most dangerous times in America as a result of impaired driving.

The holiday season has a high increase in alcohol consumption and impairment driving.

President Obama designated December as the National Impaired Driving Prevention Month

Some Things to Keep in Mind

It is illegal to drive while impaired

The life of others is valuable and cannot be replaced

Most people that have caused accidents or death while impaired never thought they would become part of the statistic

There is no excuse for driving impaired with the transportation access we have today

How to Stay Safe

Do not drive if you are impaired – there is no excuse for it

Find a designated driver or call for transportation (Uber or Taxi services)

Find out what transportation options you have and get those numbers ready before you leave

Hang the keys up if you drive to a party and leave your car there

Avoid drinking where you have to drive from one location to another

Talk to your teenagers about drinking and driving especially before the New Year celebration

Be an advocate and role model

Some Useful Resources for More Information

NHTSA National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

American Alliance Drug Testing National Impaired Driving Prevention Month

U.S. Army National Drunk and Drugged Driving

APHA American Public Health Association

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