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Tools to Help with Depression

I have learned that depression comes in many different forms. People think depression is only a mental illness – this is not true. It is normal people will struggle with depression several times throughout their lifetime. Depression can be caused by events, triggers, mental, and physical conditions. For example, people can struggle with depression due to health conditions that limit them from living and thriving every day. This does not mean they are mentally ill, it means they are struggling with some form of medical or health condition that prevents them from enjoying life.

Some people struggle with depression because they are lost. People that grew up in an unhealthy environment may feel trapped, confused, doubtful, or hopeless. This does not mean they are mentally unstable. It means they lack the guidance to help them through a situation, understanding the past, or circumstances that have caused some form of trauma.

People that struggle with depression can overcome how they feel, change life choices, or choose a new path. Those that struggle with depression due to health and mental conditions can improve the quality of their lives. We must find ways to triumph depression as much as possible.

Our Purpose of This Post

Our goal and purpose are to provide resources and tools for people that want to evaluate and overcome their depression so they can live a healthier life. These resources may not help everyone or fit their situation. If you are struggling and looking for ideas, try some of our recommendations below.

Fighting Depression Resources

Psych Point has a worksheet to help you understand Depression.

Understanding Depression Worksheet

Psychology Tools has a Monitoring Activity Sheet 

This tool can be helpful to help you identify how you are dealing with your depression and make some progress where you want to be.

Behavioral Activation to Overcome Depression

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