Deep Cleaning Bedrooms

Deep Cleaning Bedrooms

Our focus is on deep cleaning bedrooms throughout the house. If you have a guest room, the process will be a little quicker if it is not used as storage.

Step One – Remove Clutter

The first step helps if you start going through drawers, closets, chests, and remove unnecessary items from the room. Plan an organization process for things that will remain in the place. Organize the closet, drawers, and other areas that accumulate clutter.

When doing deep cleaning, replace outdated room decoration, accessories, replace worn-out furniture, and consider upgrading. Place decorations in a box and re-arrange existing accessories.

Step Two – Dust Everything

Remove the window treatment and start dusting everything from top to bottom. Use a duster and vacuum to dust off accessories, shelves, furniture, trimming, door, fans, window sills, and air vents.

Step Three – Vacuum

I always like to vacuum after dusting to get all the fur and dust off the furniture, bed, mattress, and carpet before the cleaning process.

Step Four – Sanitizing

Now is a good time to sanitize the mattress and bedding. This also includes pillows. I use a steamer for sanitizing my mattresses and toss the pillows in the wash.

Step Five – Scrub it Down

You can use a bucket of suds or spray bottle to start wiping everything down. Polish the furniture, wipe down the window sill, blinds, door, trimming, air vents, doorknobs, light switch plates, lamps, and pretty much everything in the room. Do not forget to clean the windows and accessories.

Step Six – Repairs and Touch Up

Check all electronics for any repairs needed, touch up furniture with touch up paint, or wooden crayons. I also use this time to improve anything that has scratches or a bit of wear and tear that can be touched up.

Step Seven – Shampoo or Mop

If you have carpet, now is a good time to shampoo the rug or give the floor a good scrubbing. Don’t forget the area rugs.

Step Eight – Organizing

Once everything is cleaned, and the room is ready, start putting up the clean window treatment, make the bed, organize items, and arrange your accessories.

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