August Exploration and Adventures

Family Fun Day

Ice Cream Social

Cooldown during the last month of the hot summer with a family fun ice cream social. Invite neighbors and have a backyard water spray event. Ice cream is always the best way to celebrate summer.

Bike Riding

Pick a state park or local remote area and go for a bike ride. Be sure to pack a lot of water, sunscreen, and cool snacks.

Summer Hike

Go on an actual adventure and visit a national park or other landscape scenes. In my area, we have the Lewis and Clark Caverns, Yellowstone Park, and a lot of fun places to explore. This would be fun for older kids that are in middle or high school.

Backyard BBQ & Fun

As summer comes near an end a lot of kids are going back to school. Celebrate your final summer days with a family BBQ, outdoor games, and evening fire with smores.

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