Living Room Deep Clean

Let’s Git’er Done

Getting the Living Room Done

The living room is one of the highest traffic areas of the home. It is important to deep cleaning at least every three months.

Organization Matters

I like to take the opportunity to re-arrange decorations, furniture, and even upgrade items during my deep cleaning stages. However, the first step is to organize and get rid of clutter. I have a rule in my house if it has not been used in a year, does not have a place to go, too much wear & tear, outdated, or takes up too much room the item should go. Consider upgrading lampshades, decorations, rugs, and other accessories during this time. Make sure everything has a proper place. For example, if you have books, games, and other items if there is no place to properly store it, you may need to invest in storage or relocate items.

Check out HGTV for tips on Maintaining an Organized Living Room


The first thing on the list should be to remove any items that do not need to be in the living room. If you plan to re-organize decoration and accessories place those in some boxes. Strip the living room from decorations and accessories as much as possible. Be prepared to move furniture pieces. Finally, gather all of your cleaning supplies. Place fabric items in a basket to be washed or cleaned.

Begin with Dusting

Start dusting and dust everything. Furniture, trimming, fans, lamps, mantel, doors, window blinds, air vents, and accessories/decorations. Dusting the surface will make washing easier.

Get the Vacuum and Shampoo

I might be a little strange in my theory but I believe anything that can blow fur and dust everywhere should be done first. Vacuum area rugs, carpet, furniture, windowsills, corners, and screens to get rid of the extra airborne particles. Give your rugs and furniture good washing/shampoo/wiping. If you have leather it is a good idea to wash with leather cleaner follow up with a conditioner. Recliners need to be reclined and rocked to remove trapped items in the furniture pieces.

Start Scrubbing

Start wiping everything down from the ceiling to the floor. You can opt to use a spray bottle for quick cleaning or a pail with suds and rags. Be sure to use the right cleaning supply for the item.

  1. Wipe down all furniture pieces
  2. Wipe down trim, doors, and vents
  3. Wash windows and spray screens with a hose
  4. Clean out the window sill
  5. Polish woodwork and wooden furniture
  6. Do some touch up on woodwork and other items
  7. Wipe all decorations, accents, and lamps
  8. Wipe down blinds and clean window treatment
  9. Clean the television front and back
  10. Check all electronics for malfunction and check cords
  11. Tidy up cords using ties
  12. Take your plants outside for some fresh air and sunlight
    • Re-pot plants that have overgrown their potted space
    • Feed plants fertilizer
    • Replace the soil for plants that are looking sickly
    • Prune and trim up your plants
  13. Organize drawers, cabinets, and other storage units

Putting it Together Again

Reward yourself with a new clean living room by adding new accents, decorations, and re-arranging your furniture pieces.

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