Self Evolution

Evolving and Growing

Defining Self Evolution

Self-evolution is an ongoing transformation process which creates the stories of our life. Events that transpire in our lives will shape who we are. Self-evolution is defined by our choices and the result of our decisions. If we choose to get married, we begin a new layer in our life. Self-evolution is defined by our life events, both good and bad. If we experience death, our lives may be reshaped by the event, which can lead us down a new path in life.

Adjusting to Changes

Self-evolution within our lives is the willingness to change. Choosing different paths that empowers us to experiment and explore and allows us to grow. When we think of change, sometimes we are excited to accept the new challenges we face. Other times we fear the unknown, not understanding how it may end. Without the willingness to change, we are holding ourselves back from self-improvement.

Example of Self Evolution

Higher Education and Career Change

Older adults that have never started or completed their education fear to return to school. The idea of changing careers can be risky. A parent that has children are depending on them for guidance, support, and care. Going back to school requires a lot of time, money, and even risks.

However, we must feel fulfilled in doing our jobs. Many people stay at their current job because they are comfortable with the routine. It is easier to remain in a position in which we have mastered the ability to complete our tasks. If our inner core is reaching out to explore something new, it might lead you to a better opportunity.

Career changes mean fulfillment, opportunity to keep developing, learning new skills, and finding our strengths.

Returning to school is empowering, allowing us the possibility to explore different choices while increasing our knowledge and job opportunities.

Try This Exercise

Each start of the month sit down and try an exercise to help you determine what your goal will be during the month. Find ways to improve your Self-Evolution for that month. Some goals may be a long term activity, such as going to school. You can break up long term goals into short sessions and actions. For example, I am taking college writing as part of my general education course. My goal this month would be to improve my writing skills and aim to get an A on my next paper for the month.

Download Our Long Term Goal Worksheet

Download Our Monthly Goal Worksheet

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