Summer Cleaning

Getting Ready for Summer

Steps to Get You Ready for Summer

Central Air or Air Conditioner

Now is an excellent time to clean out and prepare your central air or air conditioning. Get ready for the heat waves. Don’t forget to also replace your air filter in the house.

Central Air AC Unit
  1. Clean or replace the AC filter
  2. Clean the condenser coils
  3. Clean and clear debris from the condenser
  4. Check the coolant lines
  5. Test the AC unit
A/C Window Unit
  1. Change the unit air filters
  2. Clean the A/C condenser coils
  3. Check A/C unit for debris
  4. Clear the drain line
  5. Lubricate moving parts
  6. Check the coolant lines
  7. Check the window seal
  8. Test your A/C unit

Preparing the Patio and Garden

  1. Prepare your garden for the season planting
  2. Prepare your yard for summer months
  3. Test and check your underground sprinkling system
  4. Wash down your patio furniture and deck
  5. Plant potted flowers
  6. Upgrade broken furniture and accessories
  7. Give your grill a good cleaning

Pest Control

The beginning of summer is an excellent time to prepare to keep unwanted critters away. Make sure the method you are using is safe for pets and children.

House Exterior

  1. Check your lawn equipment such as your lawnmower
  2. Check all water hoses
  3. Clean up and organize the garage for summer
  4. Wash down the exterior of the house
  5. Clean all windows and doors
  6. Check the screens and make needed repairs
  7. Clean out the rain gutters
  8. Replace door and window seals

Download Our Summer Cleaning Check List

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Love this list! thank you for posting it. 🙂

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